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Most websites automatically install one or more “cookies” on your device. A cookie is a small piece of data that lets the website do a few things, such as recording information about your visit to the site, or improving your browsing experience.

Fentons’ website uses only the minimum cookies possible to set up a website using the platform. We have not set any cookies deliberately, and to our knowledge the only cookies our website sets are ones that are necessary for the website to function.

“Tracking” cookies are creepy - Fentons doesn't use them

Too many websites are tracking everything you do online in order to sell you more. Enormous companies (typically search engines and social media giants) make enormous profits from targeted advertising. They work overtime to convince people like us to install tracking cookies on our websites.

By tracking your every move on the internet, these companies can build a profile about what kind of person you might be and what you might want to buy. Then they can target advertising at you while you browse.

Honestly, that's just creepy. We believe it is wrong to help the biggest companies in the world to spy on your clients, so we don't use this kind of cookie on our website. And see... you found us just fine!

You can delete cookies

If you do not want any cookies stored on your computer, simply follow the instructions below, which are slightly different for each browser. However, please note this may affect the features you can use on all websites.

Each of the major browser suppliers provide information on how to remove and block cookies:


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Safari (iPhone or iPad versions)


Safari (Mac versions)

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